• An ED visa is a non-immigrant education visa.
  • Holders of an ED visa cannot receive a work permit.
  • Students who sign up for a Thai or English language course at KPT language school are eligible to receive an ED visa according to the length of the course.
  • An initial 3 month ED visa will be issues at a Thai embassy and extensions will be received at the immigration office at Samui.
  • During the time of the visa students do not need to leave Thailand to extend their visa.
  • The ED visa is a single entry visa.
  • Holders of an ED visa who wish to leave the country will need to buy a single re entry permit and at the immigration office before leaving the country.
  • You will need to be in Thailand at the time of your visa extension.
  • When applying for an ED visa your passport should have at least 12 month before his expression date and 4 empty pages.
  • The minimum age to receive an ED visa is 15.
  • The following nationalities: Bangladesh, China, India, Iran, Sri-Lanka, Middle Eastern countries and African countries can only apply for the ED visa in their own country.
  • All countries need to provide a police history check certificate from their embassy or local police station.



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